My bravado came out of a beer bottle.

My wife was railing at me for not being able to do a simple household chore.

She thought that repairing an air conditioner was a simple chore for a man.

All because her father did all the repairs of every appliance, she thought I should also be able to do it. She told me she was going to visit her parents for a couple of hours, and she expected to have the air conditioning unit repaired before she got home. I was about to embark on a daunting job, and I decided that if I had a bottle of beer, my nerves would calm and I could approach the AC unit in a better frame of mind. Two beers later, I was still staring at the air conditioner, unable to figure out what I was going to do. I didn’t even know how to go about taking it apart. It was a simple window air conditioning unit, and it wasn’t very big. I ended up having two more beers before I picked up the phone. I asked for an HVAC technician and told him the dilemma I was in. He was at my house in less than fifteen minutes and he fixed the air conditioner. He told me it wasn’t really in his wheelhouse to work on window air conditioners, but they were the same except smaller. When I heard the car door slam, he grabbed my beer bottle and told me his name. He sat in the chair pretending to be watching me work on the air conditioning and saying what a good job I was doing. I owe him more than just the bill for the repair job.


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