Moving towards cybersecurity

My grandpa built this company from the ground up.

Some fifty years ago he left the police force with a couple of his buddies, and started a private security firm.

At first it was bodyguard work, but then they put together a security detail so they could work special events. Over the years, their reputation grew. By the time my dad took over the reigns, it was one of the largest private security firms in the state. This is the family business, and I am proud of all we have done, but I think we can do more. I think the future lies in cybersecurity. The protection of physical assets is important, and will always be the basis for this company, but cybersecurity solutions are more important than ever before, and will be the basis for the company going forward. This is not just the protection of digital assets, like bank accounts and cryptocurrency, this also included data security, because data had monetary value. In truth I think there is enough speciality work under the umbrella of cybersecurity that we could open several focused departments for various aspects of protection. Network security and cloud based security are both very much in demand these days, but we don’t have enough people to take all the clients we want. So far we have been spending a lot of time on firewall security and overall protection of servers. Major companies operate entire server farms, with hundreds of servers, so I feel server security is a profitable way for the company to move towards.

Risk Management