Moving south and taking an apartment

About three years ago, my cousin and I decided to move south.

We’d graduated high school and college in the northeastern part of the country but had no desire to start our careers there. Neither of us liked the long winters with temperatures down to twenty below zero and fifteen feet of annual snow accumulation. We were able to find jobs and an apartment entirely through an online process. We then packed our possessions into our cars and made the sixteen hour drive to our new home. Moving into the apartment was the most difficult part. When we arrived and tracked down the apartment manager, we were told that the security needed to be in the form of a money order. We had cash, checks and credit cards and no idea where to get a money order. We’d never been to this particular city before. After some googling and driving around, we came up with the money order and got our keys to our new apartment. By that time, we were completely exhausted. However, the apartment was not furnished. We didn’t have beds, a chair, a garbage can or even a roll of toilet paper. Since we’d both lived in the dorms during college, we didn’t own any furniture, dishes or any of the household necessities. We needed to go shopping. We bought very cheap furnishings and as few of the necessities as possible, and yet we still spent a fortune. For our first year in our apartment, we lived very sparse and frugal. We’ve now settled in and our very content in our new city, new jobs and apartment.


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