More for less

Now that I am a homeowner, I find there aren’t any minor details when it comes to caring for a single’s home.

Just look around and see for yourself from the street view.

I see plenty of homes that seem to get about zero attention and it looks just like what you’d imagine. I’m all for coming home and kicking back in the Heating plus A/C but the two of us all have to do a bit to keep our homes up and functioning the right way. I’ve genuinely learned this over the years of homeownership. Prior to that, I had only been a renter. Even as a child, I lived in a rented space. Something wrong with the Heating plus A/C? Call the super and he’ll see to it. This was a sort of motivation to be the king of my own castle. Having been a renter my entire, I was super excited to buy my own Heating plus A/C system. That’s why I went about studying all I could to help it be more efficient and last as long as possible. The first afternoon it was installed, I had the people doing proper Heating plus A/C service. Professional preventive care is elemental to making an Heating and A/C run well and last a long time. However, there is more that the two of us can do to help the Heating plus A/C. Much of that has to do with lessening the demand on the Heating plus A/C. That means smartly managing the heat where I am living. The first thing the two of us do is make sure the thermostat is programmed to remain about 15 degrees cooler than it is outside. That means that during the heat of the afternoon, you’re going to want a fan inside, and it sure saves on Heating plus A/C costs and helps the Heating plus A/C have a long life.



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