Missing my morning wake up call

Five days a week I used to do a group fitness class. I never wanted to drive in rush hour and waste time. So, I would get up earlier than usual, drive towards work but then take an hour fitness class with a personal trainer. Basically my workplace is in the parking lot of the core progression. I wouldn’t drive bumper to bumper and I would start my day right. I would feel energized, enthusiastic and be freshly showered everytime I went into work. My whole day just started out great and productive. After work I would either run some errands or just hang around doing extra for the day. I then could get home at a decent time and have the rest of my day since everything else was accomplished. Due to the virus, I work online now. I have no reason to drive out towards the gym anymore. Lately I have been sleeping in later, staying in my PJs and not feeling as energized. I really don’t want to work out on my own either, especially after work. More often than not I shower around three and I don’t do anything physical. My hips, neck and back have all been bothering me since I have stopped stretching. I have way less energy and I have noticed a bit of a weight gain. I think I might need to still do my same routine, but drive back home to work. I need that morning wake up call. Without it, I am a lazy slug that accomplishes nothing and feels bad about it.

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