MenopaUSAl roommate freezes myself and others out

When I obtained my apartment I knew I needed a roommate to help pay the mortgage; I didn’t mind though since I didn’t want to be alone in that big apartment anyway.

I lucked out plus I got a recently divorced guy who works at the college with me, but the several of us are around the same stage in life.

The people I was with and I care about the same tunes, TV shows plus are homebodies too, but for the most part, it works out well; She is a tad older than myself and others plus going through menopause though, but due to this, my roommate wants the AC equipment going no matter what temperature it is outside. It is horrible since I get chilly easily. Since all of us both labor at the college, our schedule is the same. I wake up chilly cold, come back from labor to heavy AC plus I after that I go to bed cold. Frequently he will ask if I am hot plus I guess what that means. She then will want even more AC plus the ceiling fan going. I guess it is my apartment plus technically my temperature control plus Heating plus A/C equipment. I should be able to adjust it plus add heating if I want. I think bad though! My roommate literally has sweat dripping down his head plus he is in shorts plus a t-shirt. I guess it is easier for myself and others to boiling up than for his to cool down. I have looked online plus menopause lasts years. I am a little sad I am just going to be chilly for a long time.



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