Keep an eye on the air vent; AC periodically stops working

I feel like I’m constantly checking on things.

Because I work for a place that is extremely chaotic all the time I never get a break from staring at my phone or looking at my email inbox.

I’m constantly worried about some details slipping through the cracks. At the same time, I have a lot of pressure in my home living situation. I have kids running all over the place and needy animals to worry about. It seems like I can never just focus on a single task because my eyes have to be in all directions at all times. This is also true when it comes to the heating and cooling system these days. Specifically, it seems like our air conditioning unit has given up on life. Several years ago I realized that the AC system wasn’t doing so well but it still put out plenty of high quality indoor air. Recently, I noticed that the airflow was supremely lacking. There were a lot of hot and cold patches around the house and the air temperature fluctuated wildly. I got tired of realizing that the air conditioning unit had stopped working after several hours. At that point it was difficult to get the indoor air back on track. I felt like my energy bills were climbing through the roof when my air conditioning unit had to sprint to make up for lost time. As such, the best resolution I could come up with was to tie streamers to all of our air vents. Now, while I’m working I have to keep one eye on the kids, one eye on my email, and one eye on the air vents overhead. It’s those streamers ever stop blowing, it’s time to reset the AC unit.

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