It was nice to get away after retirement

I have longed for sun & perfectly blue skies all of my life.

But I grew up in a region where the weather was more clouds & easily bleak.

So whenever there were those super rare afternoons where the air was fully clean, the sunshine shining & the sky so blue I would soak up every moment of it. There were times that I would even call in sick to work just to enjoy that extremely scarce combination of excellent temps & amazing weather. The rest of the time it was in the Heating & Air Conditioning & that was pretty much that. Once the teenagers were raised, my hubby & I both started making a retirement in the South a pressing goal. We entirely committed to that plan by working & saving toward it. It took a pretty huge amount of sacrifice. There were family members & friends who were somewhat hurt that the two of us were retiring elsewhere. But the two of us explained we were honestly tired of long, frigid winters & all the Heating & Air Conditioning heating bills. We also longed for more sunshine than clouds. So the two of us kept on moving forward. And the two of us have finally made that dream a total reality. We are both now retired & residing in a southern section of the country that completely suits all of our needs. Our little property is completely perfect & it’s actually nice to be done with keeping up a pressing home. Plus the Heating & Air Conditioning bills are so much more inexpensive. But the best thing of all is the fact that the two of us have a sunroom in which to soak up all that sun & marvelous blue skies. It even has its own ductless Heating & Air Conditioning equipment in order for us to be out there enjoying that sun no matter what the season is.



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