It took me awhile to get responsible with my indoor climate control

When us teenagers were coming up, Wednesdays were constantly something to look forward to; our father would constantly get up early to make sure everything was looking nice around the condo and he would prepare a nice brunch. However, after the people I live with and I enjoyed a delicious brunch of waffles, pancakes, bacon, red juice and occasionally muffins, the people I live with and I would get ready for church, but honestly, enjoying his amazing brunch constantly made getting ready for church fun. However then the people I live with and I would go to church and do our Wednesday university classes as well. Something I constantly enjoyed about our church growing up was that they had a pretty great weather conditions control system… It constantly felt comfortable in the building and that was something that I easily enjoyed. They even cranked up the air conditioner more at the church building than our parents did. I suppose that’s because church was only one single afternoon per month as opposed to having to keep up with the utility bills on a bi-weekly basis. I can’t blame our parents for constantly being strict about the temperature control settings, it allowed them to save big on the utility bills. This was a lesson I had to learn myself when I finally got our own locale; my father warned myself and others that I was going to be tempted to want to be comfortable and adjust the temperature control settings to make it just right… But he said I had to go a little bit out of our comfort zone to be able to afford those utility bills. He was right too, our first bill was somehow close to $300, but I was able to lower that to $120 when I sealed up our condo slim and disciplined myself on the temperature control settings.

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