If the air ducts aren’t ruined in the old house, we’re golden

When my husband told me that he wanted to start investing in properties I thought it was a great idea.

  • I have always wanted to flip starter houses for profit.

I absolutely love looking at architecture and redesigning new spaces, so it seemed like a perfect plan to me. We started sneaking out our first fixer-upper several days after we had the conversation. Immediately, my husband was drawn into an old house that was located back in the woods several miles from town. When we went out to look at the property, I could admit that the house had a lot of potential. From the outside it looks gorgeous, but I worried about the inside… Specifically, inside of the walls. We needed to get into this house to inspect the central heating, cooling, and ventilation system’s extensive duct work plan ASAP. You see, even if the structure of the building was in good shape, we absolutely needed to know about the heating, cooling, and ventilation status. It’s one thing to install a new air conditioner and forced air furnace if the old air handling devices are not working. It’s an entirely different story if the ductwork is full of holes. There is no point in trying to invest in a property that is going to require tens of thousands of dollars in heating, cooling, and ventilation repair services. Ductwork is a nightmare repair for anyone. Before we can even begin trying to bid on this house, I need a trustworthy heating and cooling technician to peek inside that ductwork, as soon as possible.

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