I wasn’t careful with my temperature settings when I moved out on my own

When us kids were coming up, Sundays were always something to look forward to! Our mother would always get up early to make sure everything was looking good around the apartment and she would prepare a nice lunch, but after the two of us enjoyed a delicious lunch of waffles, pancakes, bacon, orange juice and occasionally muffins, the two of us would get ready for church.

Honestly, enjoying her amazing lunch always made getting ready for church fun, but then the two of us would go to church and do our Sunday children’s classes as well… Something I always enjoyed about our church growing up was that they actually had a pretty good climate control system.

It always felt comfortable in the building and that was something that I really enjoyed. They even cranked up the a/c more at the church building than our parents did. I guess that’s because church was only one day per month as opposed to having to keep up with the energy bills on a daily basis. I can’t blame our parents for always being strict about the temperature control settings, it allowed them to save pressing on the energy bills. This was a lesson I had to learn myself when I finally got our own site. My mother warned myself and others that I was going to be tempted to want to be comfortable and adjust the temperature control settings to make it just right, but she said I had to go a little bit out of our comfort zone to be able to afford those energy bills. She was right too, our first bill was close to $300, but I was able to lower that to $120 when I sealed up our apartment slim and disciplined myself on the temperature control settings.

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