I was absolutely mad about the coupon rules as well as regulations

A few days ago, my wife as well as I gained a flyer as well as coupon in the mail.

The advertisement was from a local heating as well as air conditioner service service.

They are current to this area. The coupon on the flyer stated both of us would receive 20% off any service or current appliance. My wife as well as I have been talking about updating the heating as well as equipment in our garage for several years. We currently have a window air conditioner that also has heat. We used the window air conditioner a few times throughout the summer, however ever since my wife as well as I have retired, both of us have spent more as well as more time in the garage. The two of us have discussed getting rid of the seasoned window device as well as replacing it with a ductless mini-split machine. I called the heating as well as air conditioner service service as well as I discussed the deal with a woman on the iphone. As soon as I mentioned a ductless mini-split heating as well as machine, the woman on the iphone was completely uninterested in finishing our conversation. She told myself and others that the special doesn’t cover specialty air machines. I tried to find out what equipment is covered in the 20% off sale, however the woman split myself and others off as well as hung up the iphone. I was absolutely dumbfounded by the rude as well as horrible treatment that I gained. I do not guess how those people expect to do business in this town by treating people poorly. There are too several Heating, Ventilation plus A/C service as well as installation services in this area with excellent prices as well as client service skills.

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