I wanted us to rescue the lost honey bees

My partner chose to expand our garden throughout this week.

We looked at some Landscaping departments near the local center plus all of us found many beautiful flowers + herbs + plants that could go into the garden out back.

Everyone of Us wish we had lots of time to help, but I have been laboring overtime hours every week. I am a driver for this large condo company that Partners up with grocery stores. We bring groceries to customers after they have placed an online order. Due to the pandemic, it has been an entirely busy life. You might guess I would prefer the extra tool plus money, but I definitely don’t prefer the consistent stress. When I came condo from toil the other night, our partner was kneeling at the study room table with a large ice pack on the back of her hand. She had been stung by bees near the garden about an hour previously. Every one of us found a beehive that was near the hand railing. It was stuck to the fence near the garden. My partner was stung by the honey bees while walking to the garden. Honey bees are actually endangered, so both of us had to contact a honey bee rescue service to safely move the bees from our yard to a local honey farm. Then those bees can actually continue to contribute to our well-being plus health and help the environment. Honey bees naturally have a lot of things that they do for the environment and it is important to make sure they are not killed off.

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