I wanted social media ads to go into my SEO campaign.

The website my online SEO contractor had created for me was spectacular. There wasn’t another free or lower-cost website contractor that could have done justice to my website when compared to the one they made me. They told me they had SEO throughout the website, although I didn’t see anything that made it look as if it was built to be featured. I deeply appreciated all that they had done, including incorporated pages that talked about my abilities, but not about me. I also liked how when a possible customer put their name and SMS into the contact site, it came to a special SMS account set up just for this website. It replied that their SMS had been sent and even sent them a free connection to a list of FAQs about the contractor and a self-help page. My only question was about the new ads I had been promised. I wanted to think if there were any online ads in social media. I had gotten a facebook account and I wanted to have some ads placed there for my Heating and A/C contractor. The online SEO contractor manager asked why I wanted to stop at facebook. He named off Instagram, Google ads, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media groups. He told me that his ad men would create accounts in every social media platform and place ads. I couldn’t think how thorough the SEO contractor was with my ads. Within a few short days, I wasn’t just getting inquiries from people, although I was adding purchasers to my quickly-growing list, thanks to the ads. I was never so happy to pay someone for their services, as I was to send the Venmo transfer to the online SEO contractor.


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