I wanted a healthy dessert, but I didn’t want to bake for one.

There is a local health food store that makes the most scrumptious brownies and cheesecake that I have ever tasted.

When I went vegan, I didn’t think I would ever get to eat those kinds of foods again.

I knew I couldn’t have eggs, cheese, and several other items that went into my favorite desserts. I found out that not only did they make their desserts fresh every day, but they were vegan, and they subscribed to a meal delivery service. I thought that since they could make the desserts, I may also make them, but then I remembered I was lazy. I hated baking because it was a lot of work. I couldn’t see myself going through all that work when it was just me in the house. When I looked for the health food store online, I couldn’t believe that they delivered. I called to see if they would deliver just the healthy desserts without ordering other foods. The woman took all of my information about where I lived. She told me they delivered to my address, but unfortunately I had to spend at least $25. I continued to look for more things to buy so I could get up to $25 and get free meal delivery. I found four healthy desserts, and I also bought a prepared meal of vegan lasagna. I called my sister and invited her over for dinner. I knew she has used meal delivery services before, but I’m sure she hasn’t had vegan meals delivered to her door. I’m more interested in trying those healthy desserts, even more than trying the lasagna.



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