I only want an oil furnace for my home

It’s nostalgic and I’m set in my ways for now

I’ve had an oil furnace for the longest time, which takes care of all my home’s heating needs. Recently, when the oil furnace stopped working plus needed to be unconnected, I refused to switch over to central heat like all my neighbors have. However, I wanted nothing more than to keep my oil furnace in my house. I found out that it would be several thousand dollars to replace the seasoned oil furnace with a new oil furnace, which included the removal of the seasoned oil furnace plus installation of the new oil furnace. I received this direct quote for free from the local HVAC corporation, and my family thinks I’m ridiculous to spend several thousand dollars to get a new oil furnace when I should just invest in a brand new plus totally modern central HVAC. However, I don’t want a brand new plus totally modern central HVAC system! Central air conditioning is great plus that is what I have now, however for my heat source I want nothing more than my original oil furnace. It’s nostalgic and I’m set in my ways for now. The oil furnace is the only way that I want to heat my ecstatic house plus keep it ecstatic! I care about the way the heat feels from the oil furnace. I do not expect anyone to understand if they don’t own or have never owned an oil furnace before.



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