I need heating and cooling in my workplace

I currently work at a place that loves to cut corners.

This drives me utterly crazy.

I strongly believe in quality first, but where I work thinks otherwise. My workplace would do this to their own customers, and it disgusted me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I badly relied on a paycheck I would have quit years ago. Anyways, most of the crap they did never affected me, that is, until their HVAC system failed one day, and my frugal boss didn’t bother to replace it. I didn’t realize how much going without any kind of cooling could drive a person crazy. The first day was bothersome, but not that much, but after that, it only became worse. I guess it’s because I originally expected them to fix their heating and cooling unit, but as the days drew on, I began to lose hope. I complained to my coworkers about getting through each sweaty day, and they agreed that it was awful. We together decided to complain to our boss, who of course, dismissed us without even replying. Like I said before, I can’t leave because I would probably be homeless if I did, but man did it come to mind several times. It got to the point that I brought one of those small transportable A/C units, not like one of the mini split ductless A/C, but one that is handheld. It obviously didn’t work nearly as well as your regular cooling unit, but it was enough to get me through the weeks. I really can’t wait to quit this job and get a normal job with a normal heater and A/C.

Quality heating