I miss my old gym

You never know what you will miss the most, until you miss it.

Sorry if I am being a little maudlin today, but this move has been very hard on me and the kids.

We had to do it, the money for the transfer and promotion was just too good to pass up. But the stress has taken a toll, and trying to adjust to such a different environment is wearing us down. Small town life is not something I was expecting, and now I find myself yearning for all the creature comforts I took for granted in the city. This place doesn’t even have a gymnasium, and that is probably hitting me the hardest if all. I was never the type of person who went to the gym every single day, but I always went at least once or twice a week. If I was stressed at work and needed to vent some of that energy I would go to the gym four times a week, tops. I never used a personal trainer or anything like that, and I liked to switch up my routines to keep my body guessing what was coming next. Over time I tried out crossfit classes, yoga classes, boxing and MMA style training, and just plain weight lifting. Some of them I liked more than other, but now that I have no options when it comes to health plans, I sort of miss them all. I supposed I can get back into weight lifting, but even then I would have to go buy and entire weight set.

Workout planner