I live in an area with very bad air quality

I am someone who has the worst dust sensitivities in the whole wide world! I feel that may sound a little dramatic or far fetched.

  • But I feel this is honestly the case.

I have never known anyone who has allergy troubles like me! A lot of it has to do with the awful air quality that resides where I live. Bad air quality is something common around here. I was glad to find out that there was a solution to combat this awful air quality. It was not the cheapest solution and it cost me quite a bit of currency, but the solution honestly worked. That was getting a whole home air purification method for my home. A whole home air purification method is an air purifier that goes into the central heating and a/c method and pumps out fresh air within the heating and cooling, all while acting as an indoor whole-home air purifier, but this was exactly what I needed to calm my dust sensitivities down a bit, then of course I had to deal with the awful air quality any time that I would leave the house. However, that is not a whole lot as I work from home and I also have a lot of things delivered to my house, but so this helps with me not having to deal with the awful air quality so much. I just sit inside with my whole home air purification method and appreciate every single second of it. It honestly helps more than words can say with my serious dust sensitivities!

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