I like charcoal filters for the dogs

My wife and I have a rescue for pitbulls.

We currently have 12 pitbulls in our home.

Six of those dogs are ours and six are foster dogs that will find permanent homes. One time we had seventeen dogs in our house at one time. That was a really busy and cluttered time. We try not to overwhelm ourselves with that many pooches at once anymore. When we had that many animals in the house, the smell of dogs was terrible. It was the middle of spring too, and it was raining five days a week. The dogs still have to pee when it rains, so then we end up with the smell of wet dogs in the house too. The smell was really bad last April, so I went to the pet store and I talked to the manager about helping the indoor air smells. She told me to buy charcoal air filters for the HVAC unit. That was a great idea that I never considered. The pet store didn’t have any charcoal air filters, but she told me the location of a hardware store closeby. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the huge price tag for these special air filters, so I decided to buy one to see if they really helped. I honestly didn’t think they would make a big difference, but the new air filters are superior in every way. Not only do they trap and collect more dust and dog hair, but the charcoal does eliminate a lot of the smells in our home. I am a firm believer in this product after seeing and smelling results.


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