I learned early on why we needed multiple sources of heating

I used to wonder why we had multiple sources of heating in our home when I was a youngster. That was until we had a power outage during a severe winter storm. With the power being out, the HVAC system was no longer working. Even if you had solar panels, they would be virtually useless with no sunshine, but at least you would be able to rely on your battery power reserves until they could be charged back up when the sunlight eventually came back. Unfortunately, we didn’t have solar panels and we didn’t have a backup generator either. But fortunately, we did have a couple of fireplaces in the house. With a fireplace at both sides of the house, we were able to keep the home nice and warm. The fireplace provided a satisfying glow and we were able to use candles until the power eventually came back on. I realized that if we didn’t have that fireplace, we definitely would have froze to death. With the severity of the winter storm, the roads were basically impossible to drive on. We couldn’t get emergency HVAC service and we couldn’t go anywhere to be warm. All we had was our home with our multiple sourcing of heating. Eventually when I got my own place, I made sure to have fireplaces as well. I also made sure to have a boiler system that could easily run even if the power went out. There was no way I wanted to ever be at risk of having my family freeze in the cold weather.

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