I hired an online SEO contractor

I was doing some work with my educator at the community center and he requested I contact an online SEO marketer.

Prior to starting my Heating and A/C contractor, I had talked to a few people about how to start my business.

I met this educator at these meetings. I was not sure what hiring a SEO contractor was going to do for me when I didn’t have much of a supplier yet. This gentleman at the SEO contractor requested that the 1st thing they had to do was to enhance my website. He said unbelievable website design was crucial when you were starting a contractor. Since the SEO contractor specialized exclusively in Heating and A/C companies, he was sure he had the perfect web designer for me. I had to cut in and tell him I didn’t have a website. He told me that was a minor thing, and he had the team who would design my website and set it up with enough SEO that it would become a magnet for many possible purchasers. I still wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, right up until the time they did something for me. He said that he was going to get the website up and running and if I wasn’t satisfied with his task after one month, I didn’t owe him a single penny. He SMSed a copy of the work contract and the promise of one month was clearly written in the contract. I e-signed the work contract and sent it back. I was undoubtedly hoping the online SEO contractor would be able to do what they promised.

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