I had to lock up the control unit in our house

I recently had to put a lock on the control unit at our home because our teenagers keep on messing around with it although I told them not to, and the older they get, the less they suppose like they have to listen to me when it comes to stuff like not eating in the family room as well as not messing around with the control unit settings, i know that our older more than one teenagers really suppose like they are entitled to setting the temperature on the control unit wherever they happen to want it at the time.

  • It drives me ridiculous because every one of us have a smart control unit plan as well as I have all of the heating as well as cooling settings set exactly where I want them, however when they go as well as mess around with it just because they are a little too tepid after school or a little too cold in the afternoons when they are eating their cereal, it messes up the rest of our schedule! At first, I thought I was going to have to go to the local HVAC store as well as purchase one of those see through plastic covers with a keyed lock on it so that I could keep them away from it, however then I learn through the control unit manual again; Apparently, with our brand of smart control unit, you can put in a digital code to keep everyone else from messing around with your temperature settings! I was ecstatic to find that feature because entering a 4 digit code will be a whole lot easier than having to install that plastic lock box as well as then keep up with the key.