I forgot our portable air conditioner at home

I am still so unhappy! Last weekend, I had the perfect planned out holiday for our kids and I.

My kids, as much as I prefer them, are always glued to their phones it seems.

They almost never go out, unless it’s with friends, and even then, they mostly text each other or rest next to each other all the while staring at their phones. Since I would like our children to have a childhood that is more memorable than just staring at their phone all day, I decided to plan a small holiday of just us and nature. I planned on going fishing, picnicking and camping. My kids seemed interested, until I told them no phones were allowed, which they weren’t really ecstatic about, because how could they get their perfect selfie otherwise? I couldn’t help but to roll our eyes at that. I decided that I would be nice and bring the portable a/c along for the occasion. Because not only do I like having air conditioner, although I suppose our kids would spend the entire trip complaining about the overbearing heat. I particularally obtained the portable air conditioner for this, but on the day of the trip, I completely forgot to bring it! I unfortunately wasn’t aware of our mistake until both of us had already arrived at our campsite. Although I wasn’t too content with myself for forgetting, it was our kids that I was uneasy about. Sure enough, as I feared, our kids spent a lot of the time complaining about the heat and the mosquitos and all of the other stuff. What was supposed to be a perfect trip, only further convinced our children that they were right and our young childhood was miserable, and that they should spend most of their lives on social media.

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