I don’t think they’ve ever cleaned the air ducts in the office before

I really don’t think that they have ever cleaned the air ducts in our office before they did it this week.

I guess they just never really thought that it was something that needed to be addressed very often.

I can understand that for the most part. I mean, unless you’re doing some major remodeling work or work with sheetrock and tons of sawdust, there probably isn’t going to be much of a need for air duct cleaning on a regular basis. However, I do think that once in a while, the ventilation system in any building might need to be addressed. That’s how it was in the office building where I work. I don’t know that they ever even thought about it before everyone started talking about germs and bacteria and viruses all the time. That’s when they decided to do a completely professional air duct cleaning at work. I thought it was kind of funny. I mean, we have worked there for years without the managers caring one bit about the indoor air quality in the building. And now, it seems like the indoor air quality is their number one concern. I think it’s just because they are desperate for all of the employees to come back to work because they are losing money with all of the people being scared to come in to work. Either way, I guess I’m glad they are starting to care about the indoor air quality and our working conditions. Hopefully they will also install an air purification system one day soon.

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