I don’t call anyone queen

I am pretty sure that people really show you who they are if you’re paying attention, sometimes it’s self-explanatory for me to be charmed by other individuals rather than paying attention to all aspects of their personality, and i assume that I fall into this trap on a correct basis but I’m not sure how to get out of it. This is even more true once I’m in a relationship and can’t seem to escape. In fact, that is where I’m at this week, as I contemplate leaving our entire life behind and starting all over again; Unfortunately, all of this distress is largely due to our indoor air pollen levels, but you see, whenever I began dating my now-wifey, she was rather upfront about her high maintenance and high air quality control demands. To be fair, she told me right away that she cared a lot about being comfortable indoors. She was not withholding information and when she told me she was consistently broke due to her extremely high energy bills and emergency Heating as well as A/C service services. She even clued me in to the fact that her heating and cooling dealership was on speed dial! However, I was not paying enough attention to these air quality control clues; Admittedly, I was too busy looking at her attractive face to contemplate our later concerns with heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment, but for the past 10 years I have been married to this Heating as well as A/C princess. She’s constantly complaining about the indoor air pollen levels control settings, the energy efficiency, and the performance of our Heating as well as the A/C system. I could have stopped all of this in the first place if I had just listened. I mean, on our first date she did warn me that her family called her the Heating as well as A/C queen.



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