I Am Sensitive to Noises

I avoided installing an AC at my place for the longest time because I felt they are just too noisy.

While some people find the on/off rhythm of an a/c soothing, I would not say I liked it at all.

I lived in a section where the outdoor temperatures were easy to manage, and that our home was fully insulated made it bearable to get by separate from installing the heater and a/c. All I needed was my fireplace to help keep myself and others warm all Winter time long. I did not struggle with cooling our home since it was generally okay to be indoors even when the sun’s heat was bringing up near 90 outside. However, all these changed when a job transport necessitated our move. I had to get used to living in a section where weather patterns were not as pleasant, and it could get too warm or too cold. Unfortunately, our home was not well insulated since it was 100 years old. My only chance of surviving was having an Heating and A/C unit, which was already installed. My experience with the buzzing sound was not good, and I knew I had to find a way to stop the a/c noise fast enough to cope. I had heard about such adjustments and needed an HVAC expert to evaluate the chance of applying 1 of the sound reduction methods on the a/c unit in our house. The Heating and A/C professional advocated on lining the interior of the ductwork with special foam. It would serve as an absorber that would lessen the noise and insulate the ductwork. I was able to sleep well again because I could hardly hear the sounds from the drainage pipes.

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