HVAC truck was broken down in the middle of the road

I could not believe the fact that I was late for work the other morning.

It was nothing that I did, it was just the circumstances that I happened to run into, while driving to work there was a big traffic jam, and this was due to the fact that some heating and air conditioner business truck had broken down right in the middle of the highway! The HVAC specialist in that truck was going to be late for work and evidently, because the heating and air conditioner business she worked for broke down, she would not catch any flack for it unlike me.

It took about a half an hour for them to get the HVAC business truck to move to the side of the road so traffic could continue to pass by. It was a major relief when this finally happened so I could continue on my way to work. When I got to work, I was about 45 minutes late! The manager at my company wanted to know why I was late. I told them about the heating plus air conditioner business having an HVAC truck that broke down with some heat and cooling system worker in it. That’s all it took. I was not questioned on this any further. The manager said that they believed me because no one would make up such a crazy story of a heating and air conditioner dealer’s heat and cooling system truck cutting down, and so I was off the hook. I just hope nothing like that happens again


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