HVAC keeps my home from being green

I think most of us realize that there is just no question how well the HVAC heat pump works to cool our homes.

  • But, cooling the home is not the only thing the HVAC is doing when it’s running.

There is no question that I simply can’t do without the HVAC cooling in the summertime. Yet, I would be completely in trouble without the other important function of the heat pump. That’s because the HVAC is also balancing the humidity inside my home as it cools it. Where I live, the HVAC method of choice is by far the heat pump. The heat pump certainly delivers on the cooling front but some don’t realize how it balances the humidity as well. Without this vital function, we would be up to our elbows in mold & mildew. That mess is not only gross, it also causes serious respiratory problems and makes us sick. The HVAC is able to remove warmer air from the house and then exhaust it outdoors. While this process is going on, the HVAC is also removing moisture from the air and exhausting that outside as well. This is how the HVAC heat pump continually balances the humidity level in our homes. If this wasn’t happening, there would be a whole lot more green in my home. And not the good type of green. I know I’d be spending a lot more of my time with bleach and water attempting to mitigate the mold growth. As it is though, all I really have to do is turn on the HVAC and let it do its thing!

HVAC technician