HVAC dealership has new techs every time

I’m really not a close minded person, I promise. However, there are certain areas of my life that I like to hold study. I’m not a big fan of packing up and moving houses. I don’t enjoy swapping careers or industries in my professional life. I don’t really enjoy making new friends or saying goodbye to old ones. And, it turns out that I am a bit weird when it comes to my central heating, cooling, and air quality control technicians. I never realized that I had any opinions about my indoor air quality control specialists until I moved into this neighborhood. There’s only one local heating and cooling repair shop and I have no choice but to call them rather often. My central heating and cooling equipment is 15 years old so it requires a lot of professional attention to keep my air quality managed. I can’t just adjust the thermostat and rely on my air conditioning unit or forced air furnace to successfully treat my high quality indoor air. In fact, I have to watch out for my air conditioning unit and furnace to fail every single day. When my AC unit or heating system goes down I’m pretty good at troubleshooting them… But I do have to call the heating and cooling repair shop pretty often. What bothers me is I never get the same heating and cooling technician twice. It seems like this HVAC repair shop has an endless supply of air quality control professionals or a rotating staff of HVAC experts. I’m constantly having to re-explain my HVAC issues to the newest technician before they get started. In that amount of time, I probably could have fixed the air-conditioning unit or furnace myself.

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