HVAC dealership has new techs every time

What bothers me is that I never get the same heating and cooling contractor more than once

I’m not a particularly close-minded person. However, there are particular areas in my life that I like to hold steady. I’m not a giant fan of packing up and moving to different houses. I don’t care about swapping jobs or industries within my professional life. I don’t particularly care about finding new friends or saying goodbye to outdated ones. I also am a bit odd when it comes to my central HVAC control specialists. I never realized that I had actual opinions about my indoor air conditions control specialists until I moved into this neighborhood. There is only a single local HVAC repair shop and I have no choice but to use them. My central heating and cooling equipment is 5 years outdated so it requires a ton of professional attention to keep my air quality efficient. I can’t adjust the thermostat and rely on the air conditioner equipment or forced air furnace to successfully treat the high quality indoor air. I actually have to watch out for the air conditioner equipment and furnace each day, and when the A/C equipment or heating proposal stops working I’m pretty great at fixing them. However, I do have to contact the heating and cooling repair shop fairly often. What bothers me is that I never get the same heating and cooling contractor more than once. It seems like this HVAC repair shop has a large supply of HVAC professionals or a rotating staff of HVAC experts. I am constantly having to re-explain the HVAC issues to the newest contractor before they begin. In the amount of time I spend doing this, I could fix the air-conditioning equipment or furnace myself.

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