HVAC billboards are killing me without any AC at home

When I tell people about the city where I live these days I generally get the same two comments.

One group of people will comment on the horrific weather conditions that they imagined I experienced there.

The city has a well-known nickname that includes the word “hot” right in it. The other thing that I usually hear about is the god awful traffic in my city. I’m here to tell you, both of those stereotypes about my current residential situation are correct. It is oppressively hot and humid here almost every day of the year. At the same time, you will sit in your car and sweat on the highway for several hours each week. Traffic is an unfortunate occurrence in between your starting and ending points. For me, sitting in traffic jams feels a lot like being stuck in between air conditioning systems. You leave the comfort of your home AC unit and get trapped outside before you can reach the safety and comfort of your work air conditioning system. That is, if you have a working AC unit at your house. Recently, I had no air conditioning power in my home thanks to an AC breakdown. I knew that the cooling system was going to need a professional repair or upgrade relatively soon. However, the day that it broke down I was not prepared for the HVAC expense. When I set off for work that morning I was not happy to find myself sitting and swelteringly hot traffic. It was even worse to stare helplessly at all of the billboards for professional air conditioning repair shops while I waited for cars to get out of the way.
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