How to know it's time to change your furnace filter

If you don’t smoke and have no pets, you might stretch your filter’s lifespan up to 3 months

Your furnace filter is the first line of defense against dirt, dust, and other airborne allergens in your home during the winter months. As your HVAC’s air filters continue to trap contaminants that would sip into your indoor space over time, your filter will clog and become less effective. This will prompt your furnace to work harder, reducing its energy efficiency. Fortunately, changing an HVAC system’s air filter is easy. However, you should know that various filters have varying lifespans. Follow your air filter manufacturer’s guidelines to know when to replace the air filters. Even so, deciding when to change your HVAC’s air filter depends on many factors. If you have pets, you should replace your air filters frequently since dander and hair from the pets can get caught in your filters while air circulates through your house. Pets such as cats and dogs, especially if they move in and out of your home, create dust and dirt more easily. If you have pets, change your filters more regularly, like once every month. If someone in your home smokes, you should also consider changing your air filters often. Smoking in your indoor space creates airborne contaminants which accumulate in your furnace filters. Tobacco is an allergen for several people. It also leads to clogging. If you don’t smoke and have no pets, you might stretch your filter’s lifespan up to 3 months. The type of filter you use may also help you decide when to change your filter. While the cheapest fiberglass alternatives are not designed to last for more than two months, home pleated paper filters can last between four to twelve months. However, the general rule to changing your filter is to change your air filter if it looks dirty.



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