Home security system provides peace of mind

Over the last few years, I’ve become more aware of crime in my neighborhood.

There’s been tools stolen out of garages and vandalism to homes.

Cars have been broken into and there’s been reports of home invasions. I was no longer comfortable leaving my doors unlocked. I was fearful of what I’d walk into when I’d return home after work. I started having trouble sleeping at night. Every little sound outside had me concerned. I decided to be proactive about my safety and invested into a home security system. I was impressed with how quickly the system was installed. The initial purchase price was quite reasonable and the monitoring service isn’t overly expensive. For the sake of my peace of mind, the cost is definitely worth it. I now have alarms on all of my exterior doors and windows. To enter the home, I need to punch in a security code or the alarm sounds and the security company gets notified. The system also includes sensors for glass breakage, smoke and carbon monoxide. There are automated outdoor security lights and surveillance cameras. Everything is wireless and offers internet access through my smartphone, laptop or tablet. At any time, from anywhere I happen to be, I can check the cameras and watch real time video. I can see who is knocking on my front door. I can make sure the doors are locked and even converse with whoever is standing on my front porch. I feel so much safer and secure. Plus, investing into a security system lowered my homeowner’s insurance premiums.
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