Helping the poor

My church is really awesome.

I must start by saying that.

They are always holding some kind of fundraiser to help people with something. It could be donations to a good cause or helping poor people. Recently, they launched a whole donation campaign in conjunction with the local heating and air conditioning company to get the poor folks in town brand new central heating and cooling system units. Many either had outdated heating and air conditioning systems or flat out could not afford to have central heating and cooling. So they would be stuck with either portable heat and a/c products or old school heating and cooling equipment. The church invested thousands in getting the most brand new, up to date and pretty darn pricey central heating and air conditioning systems just to give to a good radius of poor people in the area. I helped with some of the donations that made it possible. I could not donate a whole lot of money, but the few hundred bucks I donated to the cause was something. And I can rest easy knowing that all the poor people that are going to be getting these central heating and air conditioning systems will be safe and much healthier. And it was a good feeling that I know that was a part of that in some fashion. If I was rich I would help all the poor become not so poor anymore and get them back on their feet. But sadly, I am not rich and only a few steps above being poor myself. So as the kids say today, it is what it is.

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