Google ads helped me to reach more customers.

I had been hearing a lot about how great Google ads is.

I wanted to get my Heating and A/C contractor up and running, and I needed to reach a ton of potential new customers if I wanted to land their business.

I needed to find a cheap way to show people that I now had a Heating and A/C supplier in their local area. I started looking at using Google ads. Google ads promised me that I could set my own budget that worked for me. They didn’t think that there should be a minimum on budgets for their ads and support services. I was able to get my ads to show up locally, and they were promised to show up on searches. I was told that Google ads couldn’t promise that people would become a customer. All they could promise was that my Heating and A/C contractor would be noticed, but they couldn’t actually force people to sign up for my website, or to even check out my website. My Google ads wouldn’t just be online, but it would also come up on the mobile styles. Search ads, Banner ads, Video adverts, mobile ads, App adverts; all would be covered through my Google ads. I was upset that I could possibly end up with so many tasks I would not think what to do with. I thought it would be best if I started the new hire process. I also had to go to the bank so I could purchase another maintenance van and all of the tools that would be needed for a modern person to do the task. I think the best thing I did for growing my Heating and A/C contractor was when I asked my SEO contractor about Google ads and have them working to get them implemented.