Getting in better shape helps with depression

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve suffered from fits of depression.

I’ve tried all sorts of therapy & I’ve taken prescription medication.

I’ve had some success with therapy but was unwilling to suffer the harmful and long-term consequences of prescription drugs. I’ve also tried my share of home remedies from herbal teas to cannabis edibles. A little over two years ago, my older brother decided that getting more fitness active was the solution to my issues. I was sort of skeptical because I’d never enjoyed any type of physical endeavor or sports. I ran track in middle school for a little while & hated it. I tried to join the basketball team but didn’t make it through the first round of cuts. My brother was so optimistic that I agreed to try working out. He signed us up with a personal trainer who was able to meet with us three times per week at a local gym. For the initial consultation, we just talked about what my brother and I hoped to gain from the training. We discussed our physical & mental state, nutrition, weight loss & our long-range goals. The personal trainer explained that a nutritious meal plan is equally vital to well-being as a strong & physically fit body. He worked with us to develop a nutritious meal plan & insisted we eliminate all fast & pre-packaged food, saturated fat and sugary drinks . When we started on the exercise program, I was surprised by the intensity. Every session included a lot of stretching, flexibility & balance training. The workout combined weight lifting, cardio exercises, static holds, lunges & various abdominal crunches. While I always got sweaty, winded & sore, I felt fantastic afterward. I was anxious to attend our next session. Working out with the personal trainer has been life changing and has reduced my issues with depression.
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