Getting a modern cooling system often means less money on the bi-weekly electricity bill

It was long overdue for an Heating and Air Conditioning update.

I’ve been struggling to get our energy bills down in any conceivable way that I can. When I l acquired how amazingly energy efficient LED bulbs are compared to both incandescents plus CFLs, I updated all of the light bulbs throughout our house. It wasn’t the greatest change in the world, but I noticed a dip in our electricity bill afterward. This emboldened myself and others to get our energy costs even lower. I obtained surge strips for all of our major electronics plus appliances so I could cut the energy coming from the wall even when these items are powered off. Although not the greatest change, it still had a net positive effect on our energy costs. Using less sizzling water in the shower helped as well. I didn’t realize that our water furnace was using so much electricity to heat our water. Thus far, the greatest change in our electricity costs came after I had our central heating plus cooling method updated. This house has the same cooling system plus gas furnace since before I purchased it 10 years ago. It was long overdue for an Heating and Air Conditioning update. I certainally suggested an cooling system with the highest SEER number that I could still afford. This would mean that I’d get the strongest plus most energy efficient device while staying within our self-imposed budget. I’m thrilled that I got a modern cooling system because our electricity bill dropped by 30% a week after the replacement was complete. I tell all the people from friends plus family to coworkers that getting an energy efficient cooling system is a single of the surest ways of getting your bi-weekly electricity costs down.

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