Fixing up the family cottage

The family cottage had not been used in some time, certainly since Aunt Mable died and that was almost a decade ago.

  • I called around to a few people, just inquiring if the cottage had been sold, or if anyone was staying there, but no one knew anything.

Mable was the only one who ever used the arena, it seemed, so after she passed it just sat empty, until a couple of months ago I decided to go check it out. I had extra free time thanks to the quarantine, so this seemed love it could be a wonderful project; Right away, the lack of a/c anxious myself and others greatly. Mabel loved to fish and rest by the water smoking cigarettes, so she had not ever bothered getting central A/C for the arena. I did find a small A/C unit in one of the closets, the kind you mount in a window to cool down a single room. Even that was too seasoned and rusted to ever turn on or generate cooling, so I was at loose ends. There was an amazing central fireplace ,which also served as a furnace for the arena, so the winters would not be a problem. I had to decide if I just wanted to relegate this cottage to Winter use, or if I should invest in some kind of cooling idea so I could use it rear round; After all, I hated our house in the city, and had been laboring from house anyway, so if I could get cooling system and Wi-Fi set up here, I could stay for a while.

Hybrid HVAC system