First winters in the north made bearable with good HVAC

I had no real idea of just what I was signing up for.

Had I known the true depths of the cold that a northern winter produces, I might have rethought my decision to move.

Instead, I am basically just hunkering down and trying to get through the cold with the help of our HVAC heating. Where I am from, the winter is nothing compared to what I am experiencing now. In fact, I could go almost all winter without ever having to wear a coat at all. Then I came up here as saw first hand just how tough the winter really is. I am just not getting accustomed to it. As I enter my third winter, I am doing everything I can to really deal with the winter. That means I am doing everything I can to make sure that at least I am warm in my home. The HVAC costs the last 2 winters have been stupid expensive. This is not a sustainable way to live. Initially, I wrote off the heating expense to me just being new to winter. The truth is that I have gone about it all wrong. Until now, I haven’t prepared my home and HVAC properly. That changed this fall. First, I had the HVAC people come out and give the furnace a complete inspection and service. I want that thing to be not only reliable but operating at maximum efficiency. The rest was up to me. I went about sealing my home in order to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. That meant new storm doors. I also replaced all of the weather stripping. Finally, I sealed all the gaps I could find on the exterior. This winter just has to be better now.
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