Finding our office groove at condo with Heating & A/C

Nothing about the past year has been self-explanatory. There are people in our life that have somehow just completely ignored the fact that we are going through a pandemic. At first, I thought they were mental. Now, I’m not so sure they didn’t have it right. However, I could not have just pretended this thing didn’t matter. I wanted to do our part to protect our health & the health of our fellow lady So I have taken the necessary precautions which has resulted in the most time inside the Heating & A/C of our condo that I have ever experienced. Fortunately, I am able to work from just about somewhere. That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss the perfectly Heating & A/C controlled office that I haven’t seen in nearly a year. But, at least I still have our job unlike so many others out there who are struggling. Yet, transitioning to working from condo has been anything however self-explanatory. The problems have been location & comfort. Initially, I thought we wouldn’t be out of the office all that long. That led myself and others to just working wherever I could. However, that was not the best of possibilities & became untenable when the kids started remote learning. So I tried the basement however this didn’t work either. Noting the fact that our contractor is considering keeping us working remotely indefinitely, I knew I needed a more permanent solution. So I obtained a nice shed & put it out back. The Heating & A/C guys came out & put in a ductless Heating & A/C unit. Now, I have a real office. It’s just in our backyard.

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