Finding a maid makes all the difference

I tried to do it all.

And I am honest enough with myself to recognize and admit that doing it all isn’t possible for me.

Well, I don’t even know if there are any single moms with a full time career who can do it all. I’ve met a few that act like it. But even they need some help. So, it finally became evident that I needed to get a maid service to help me out with my house. My kids are pretty good about taking care of their end when it comes to cleaning. Yet, I’m not going to be that mom who foists all the cleaning lady responsibilities on their kids. They’re kids and deserve to be. They keep their rooms tidy and help out in other parts when it’s cleaning day. However, I just wasn’t able to find the hours to keep up with stuff like the floor stripping and waxing and the in depth stuff like that. That led me to accept the fact that I would hire an actual cleaning lady. After interviewing a few cleaning services, I ended up finding a maid for hire online. And this cleaning lady was a cleaning man. He was former military and just really liked cleaning. And man, does he ever do a great job. His cleaning service came highly recommended and I’m lucky to have him 2 or 3 days a week. The house is so much cleaner. This allows me to focus on stuff like laundry and just day to day stuff. It’s really pretty great.
Cleaning lady