Finally an efficient ductless heat pump for my small space

I had just left my parent’s house and headed to the big city to start my life.

I had dreams of becoming the greatest actor of our time, but first I needed to get a job and a place to live.

I had found a tiny studio apartment downtown which was well situated and near my place of work which was a coffee shop. When I first moved into the apartment, it was very chilly and my inquiry to the building manager revealed that there was an electric furnace. However, it was long dead, and even after being “fixed” by the heating technician, it did not provide quality heating. I still froze throughout the night and during the day when I was in the house. I was very intent and invested in my indoor comfort because if you are not comfortable in your own house then it has a negative ripple effect on other areas of life. I consulted several local contractors who all advised on a ductless heat pump. There were different reasons and several advantages of this central heating unit. Among the energy saving tips that I was too careful to observe was keeping the furnace set on low during the night and day when I was at work. The heat pump install was done when we were going through one of the most brutal winters I had ever experienced. The unit was also a zone control which meant that all rooms received the heating service needed no matter which floor. I also found out about a unique dual fuel system that was like having an option of using a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace. This was nothing short of amazing! However, I had a unit that did not eat up space in my studio apartment.


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