Every one of us had to update most of the components, so every one of us did it all

A major storm wreaked havoc on our city! My neighbors & I received 12 in of rain over a multiple-day period, however the banks of the river rose overnight & half of the streets in our neighborhood were flooded! People were using their canoe in the street to travel from a single locale to another, however it was actually ridiculous & surreal & it was absolutely a single of the most dangerous storms that every one of us have ever seen in this area, then after the storm was over, our wife & I assessed all of the disfigure to our home & our yard.

  • Every one of us had debris all over the locale & most of the living room was destroyed when a tree fell in the yard.

The tree took out the living room wall, television, all of our pictures, & the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. My wife & I were totally busy out & depressed, but our insurance company came to the rescue & helped us get through the process quickly & easily. The insurance company covered all of the disfigures to the condo & our Heating and Air Conditioning unit! Not many of neighbors had disfigure as well, but every one of us were the only condo with a tree in our living room, then by the time every one of us were finished with all of the storm disfigure, every one of us updated all of the Heating and Air Conditioning component & 90% of the living room. I hope every one of us don’t see another storm prefer that in our lifetime. It was actually a single of the scariest & most disturbing experiences of our life. I cannot imagine how people live in tropical locations with storms every week.

a/c rep