Don’t forget to clean those HVAC air ducts

There is so much going on in my life that I have to stay pretty dang organized just to get through my day.

While it’s impossible to anticipate or remember every single thing, I do my best to at least make the attempt.

Life can get so hectic that I actually dream about coming home and just putting my feet up to relax in the HVAC. And God forbid I get to have a glass of wine every now and then. But, this is the life I signed up for so, I do my best to just keep going. One of the things on my list last week was to organize that attic space. The attic tends to be one of those spaces that I just throw stuff I use sparingly. However, when I need one of those things, it takes forever to find. That’s why spending a couple of hours up there was essential to life going forward. What I was not expecting was to be adding to my stress. While I was in the attic, I noticed something weird on one of the HVAC duct joints. Turns out, it was a rodent nest. Everything else came to a screeching halt and I got the exterminator out. He told me that the rodents were taken care of but that they had breached the HVAC ducts. He gave me the number of a company who does nothing other than clean HVAC ducts. This ended up being a good thing because it had never dawned on me that HVAC air ducts needed to be cleaned anyway. So now, I have clean air ducts and honestly it makes me feel better knowing that they are cleaned and resealed.

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