Didn’t know working at home would be like this

Even though I always wanted to work from home, I didn’t want it to be like this. I had no idea that when I finally started working from home, I would also have to take care of my kids at home and assist them with their schooling needs. This was something that was mostly covered by the teachers at the public schools until the pandemic hit. Suddenly, my wish had come true about working at home. I definitely appreciated having my own temperature control settings and I also had a UV air purification system installed. It has just been crazy having everybody at home too. My wife was working from home as well and there was just a lot of stress and tension. It was actually very challenging just to focus on my work, but at least the boss was understanding about people making crucial adjustments during this time. For me, it took a long while to adjust. It was about a month in when I finally reached out to the HVAC company again and I wanted to know how we could fix this problem we had with fighting over the temperature control settings. They came up with the most excellent solution I had ever heard of, and that was to upgrade to HVAC zone control. This permits you to have different zones with different temperature controls. You are able to have customized temperature control settings in each zone, and nobody has to fight about that any longer. This was a dream come true for us, especially amidst this pandemic. Things are still stressful, but they are so much better now with HVAC zone control.


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