Designing the perfect closet

I recently bought a house that has a huge open closet space.

  • The closet is as big as the bedroom is.

I am so excited to be able to have all my clothes, jewelry and make up in one area. The issue is that I want to ensure that all the space is utilized. I don’t want to mess up my closet and regret it later. I need hooks, cubbies and places for my jewelry. I am not very good with measurements or imagining what everything will look like in a space. I decided it was worth calling an interior designer. The design company pairs with a custom furniture builder as well. They had a guy envision the layout of the space. He came up with a very unique shelving system for me. The shelves can turn on a crank so I can rotate clothing and fit more in than I would have originally. He also designed a shoe cubby the proper height for all my shoes. He even made me a cubby that had a magnetic side that my jewelry would affix to it naturally. The stuff isn’t all in my closet just yet. However, I have seen the pieces that he has built and it is going to be amazing. I am going to have more than enough space. I am so excited to get everything in the closet and put all my belongings in there. That space is going to be the showpiece for the whole house. I might even put in a chair so I can hang out in the closet to do my makeup. There is enough room.



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