Daughter wanted to go into HVAC – great!

I was worried about my kids when they graduated high school.

  • I mean, what kind of career are they going to choose in today’s difficult world? When my daughter came to us and revealed her plan to attend the local trade school, we were shocked.

When she mentioned indoor air handling devices and HVAC repair services, we honestly had no idea what to say. She wanted to work with heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment for the rest of her life? When did this interest in indoor air handling machinery ever start? I never once saw her hanging around the thermostat, air conditioner, or furnace in her young life. But here she was, signing up for the local heating, cooling, and air quality control installation, diagnostic, and repair courses to become a certified heating and cooling worker in only 18 months flat. I didn’t think it was a bad idea, because everyone needs professional heating and cooling system help. Her heating, cooling, and air quality control license would always be lucrative. But was HVAC the right choice for her? When she attended her first heating and cooling system repair class, we expected to hear a lot of negative reporting about the HVAC equipment, the other heating and cooling students, and the professor of the air quality control system course. We were pretty shocked when those complaints never came. In fact, we saw my daughter working on our own heating and cooling system every day after her class ended. I never thought that she would stick with the heating, cooling, and air quality control classes… but she proved us all wrong.