Dan had to cancel our weekend date because of work

Dan as well as I were supposed to go out of neighborhood for a romantic weekend getaway. Both of us have been dating for more than five weeks as well as both of us were ready to get out of neighborhood for 1 night away. Dan planned a romantic weekend away from his condo as well as his numerous roommates… He got a room for us at a extravagant hotel by the river. Unluckyly, Dan had to cancel our romantic weekend date because he was forced to work on an emergency boiler repair. Dan is 1 of a handful of men at his task that can handle boiler repairs as well as Welding issues. Dan makes excellent currency at his task because he is certified to weld as well as work on boiler repairs, sometimes that means that Dan is the only guy that can complete a task. Two mornings before our romantic weekend getaway, a business downtown called the HVAC service company where Dan works. They had some trouble with a boiler as well as they needed someone immediately. Dan went to service the boiler as well as he found out that the component needed to be replaced. Dan had to wait for the new boiler to arrive multiple mornings later, before he could install the new parts. The company did not want to wait until Dan came back from a weekend away, because they had to spend money for a boiler rental the whole time that the main boiler was out of commission. Dan did not want to cancel our weekend, but he really did not have any choice. Thank goodness he made it up to myself and others the following Saturday as well as Saturday.

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