Counting down the days to a new HVAC system

I couldn’t be more excited right now for a pretty basic change to take place in my life. I know, I’m probably pathetic for being so stoked to see a work truck pull into my driveway, but I can’t stop staring. Soon, that HVAC truck will arrive and I cannot wait. See, I don’t think comfortable indoor air is too much to ask for in this lifetime. A simple working heating, cooling, and air quality control plan is all that I’m looking for. I want to be able to adjust the thermostat program and rely on my AC unit and heating system to rapidly respond to my indoor air quality changes. I hate feeling the hot and cold patches all around my house and knowing that my indoor air handling equipment is slowly failing on me. It makes life so uncomfortable to have fluctuating temperatures that never reach the intended heating, cooling, and air quality control settings programmed on the thermostat. I know that my daily happiness as well as my overall health has been negatively affected by the heating, cooling, and ventilation issues. These indoor air temperature and air quality concerns have been on my mind so much that I’ve struggled to sleep at night… plus, there’s horrible indoor air temperature exasperating that problem. Honestly, calling my heating and cooling technician was a long time coming. I’m so excited to be getting a brand new central heating, cooling, and air quality control system installed in my family home in the next few hours. Finally, I’ll be able to breathe easily – not to mention get a little shut eye – with my improved indoor air quality control equipment and comfortable living space.

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